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The Full Story

About Bev

Bev loved music, family and friends, and of course, we must mention desserts. She was dedicated to anyone that came into her life. Bev was lucky enough to find love not once, but twice in her life. She worked hard and spent most of her adult life singing in Sweet Adelines. She made many friends during her near 50 years singing 4 part harmony, a gift that stayed with her even in the fog of Alzheimer's.



Bev was born and raised in Penticton, BC. She grew up on Rigsby Street until her family moved to 517 Van Horne Street. Bev has two younger brothers; Tom and David. Bev had fond memories of swimming in Lake Okanagan, and picnics at the "pyramids" outside of Summerland. She was raised in a home that included everyone, holidays encorporated anyone who needed some cheer and a good meal. Bev met Bob when she was 18. She was the babysitter for Bob's girlfriend's younger brother... a ride home one night was all that was needed to create a spark. Bev and Bob were married in May 1965.


After a short stint in Burlington, Ontario (just long enough to have Michael), the family landed in Calgary, Alberta in 1975. The family home at 841 Maplewood Crescent became a mainstay for family and friends alike for over 40 years. This is where Bev joined the Chinook Winds and made friends that would endure for the rest of her life. After Bob died in 1995, Bev spent the next 12 years alone. The timing was meant to be and she met Gerry, and she knew immediately that he was the one for her. 



Bev and Gerry moved to Kelowna in 2008. Here she finished her working career, and expanded her family to include Gerry's. They spent their winters in Hemet, California, driving back and forth each spring and fall. They never missed an opportunity to see live music, to picnic at Sun-Oka beach or take in a farmer's market or great restaurant. 

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